Eric lives and plays in Austin Texas and can be found out and about most nights doing at least one of these two things; but usually both.

Currently he is working on his 5th studio album and doesn’t dare tell you when it will be done. More on his music here http://eric.bet/music/

Other Bands Eric is in –

Club Staccato – An electric rock blues based band formed with world-renowned guitar player David Hamburger / http://clubstaccato.com/

The Fursdays – A three piece ragtag musical conglomeration cobbled together over a few laughs and a dare. It shouldn’t work but it totally does. With David Jimenez (The Last Jimenez | Baby Atlas) and Andrea Magee (Beat Root Revivalhttps://www.facebook.com/FursdaysBand/

|: Guitar Playing | Songwriting 😐 Online Sessions Available
In Austin   – http://atxguitar.com/

Songwriter Awards –

Finalist – Wildflower! Songwriting Contest 2018
1st Place – Songdoor Songwriting Contest 2014
Silver Award 2013 – Mid-Atlantic Song Contest – Rock/Alternative
2nd place – Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest –  Americana; 2013
Winner – Kerrville Folk Festival; New Folk Contest 2013
Runner Up – Best Folk Act; Portland Phoenix 2011 (voter chosen)
Winner – Best House Band (Velourosaurus); Portland Phoenix 2011 (voter chosen)
Winner – Best Folk Act; Portland Phoenix 2010 (voter chosen)
Runner Up- Best Local Album; Portland Phoenix 2010 (voter chosen)
Runner Up- Songwriters Showdown – 2009